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Roselle Park, NJ: 908-241-0200
Bayonne, NJ: 201-823-2977
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Services & Procedures

Hearing Aid & Audiology Services

Doctor Alan Gross is the director of audiology & hearing restoration for our practice.  His attention to detail and technical skills have helped thousands of our patients.  Whether he is restoring one's hearing through the use of hearing aids or providing an answer why a loved one is dizzy his compassion and dedication are second to none. 

  •  Hearing Aid Fitting & Sales
  • Audiology Testing (hearing tests)
  • Balance Testing (video electronystagmogram testing)
  • Tinnitus evaluation (ear ringing/noise)

Hearing Aid Services

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We offer a full range of amplification devices to fit any budget or lifestyle


  • Our Hearing Aids range in size and power
  • A pair will be customized to your concerns & needs

Please call for and evaluation:

Roselle Park: 908-241-0200

Bayonne: 201-823-2977